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Nepeta, as drawn by MagicalKecleon and traced/colored by Keiji.
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Many lols will be extracted from this article, like a series of chairs.

Nepeta is Keiji's favorite character from Homestuck, even though he hasn't even seen her first appearance in it yet. Wherever that might be...

She is a catgirl troll, named after wikipedia:Catnip, which clearly recognises her awesomeness by redirecting that page to her. Perhaps surprisingly, her name is not derived from The Neptune, even though each troll seems to be associated with an astrological sign.

She always talks with ":33 <" at the start of her post, in full lowercase, with no apostrophes, turns "ee" into "33", gives all her emoticons two mouths, and inserts cat references wherever pawssible.

Rose would be a good match for Kanaya, of course. :33 < its sooo obvious! Complete with dramatic pause for effect.


Almost everything surrounding Nepeta is one freaking epic coincidence... Think about it...

  • The two words in her handle, arsenicCatnip, just happen to start with two of the genetic code letters A, C, G, T, so that they can fit into the pattern.
  • Arsenic just happens to have the atomic number 33.
  • Even though there's a slight deviation from the planet naming pattern of "Land of <Word> and <Word>", it's pretty impressive her planet managed to have the name LOLCAT: Land of Little Cubes and Tea.

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