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A Click is a simple action performed by pushing down on one of the buttons on your mouse. Its only equal is the magic Enter key, but if you got here without clicking you probably knew that already. It is often thought to be an indispensable action that allows you to do any thing and everything on the internet or computer, however, there are many things that cannot be done by clicking, such as completing Green Hill act 1. However, it without a doubt lies among the most basic of user actions, along with typing. There are two kinds of clicks, the right click and the left click. It is advisable to use both to survive your journey through the tubes.

Left click

The more common of the two click types, left click is activated by pushing the left mouse button, or by pressing the Enter key or space bar. It is generally associated with clicking in general, and usually performs actions such as confirming a highlighted choice, following a link, or placing a pixel on a bitmap plane.

Double click

Sometimes, in order to carry out an action, a double click is required. A double click consists of clicking the left button twice, usually in quick succession. This action is key to navigating Windows Explorer and editing various properties of the files on your hard drive.

Right click

A right click is the opposite of a left click. Right clicking is done when the right mouse button. Usually, right clicking brings up a small menu in the place clicked, from which there are multiple choices to chose from. In some painting programs, right clicking allows the user to pick and use a second color that is different than the one the left click uses.

The right click has significant importance on iScribble and Tegaki-E, where it allows artists to zoom, and therefore, get the maximum quality out of their drawing.

But of course, if you've been using a computer for a given period of time and not figured most of that out on your own, you may have a very low IQ.