Pwnage (ConceptTopic, 8)

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Pwnage is a term which loosely refers to domination or humilation in a light-hearted and humorous sense. Pwnage often happens on the Internet, if it happens outside of the Internet somehow it is only called ownage which is far less epic. In fact, the word pwnage comes from someone misspelling owned while playing World of Warcraft, which is a pwnage in its own right!


[23:16] Chao:
[23:25] Keiji: wow
[23:25] Keiji: someone doesn't have a middle mouse button
[23:26] Chao: Shit
[23:26] Keiji: also
[23:26] Keiji: It is an indispensable action that allows you to do any thing and everything
[23:26] Keiji: please complete Green Hill act 1 by just clicking
[23:27] Chao: Oh dear