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Team Ikaria is the successor to Fusion Global and is guaranteed to not change name again due to the PLH under The website was created in January 4, 2008. It scrapped the entire legacy of Fusion Global and previous websites, introducing a new account system and several mini-websites. However, the only websites that used this account system and are actually open for public use are the fileshare and the one word story, the latter of which was recently moved to Kumizone. It was the first website in the series to validate as XHTML, mainly due to how all previous work was scrapped.

Higher Dimensions

On November 15, 2008, the Tetraspace forum from was moved to Team Ikaria. Keiji had been an moderator of that website since 2003, an administrator since 2005 and the site's main maintainer since 2008 when Alkaline all but left due to being busy in real life. Alkaline's server gave plenty of unexplainable 500 and 403 errors on the forum, so Keiji finally decided to move it to Team Ikaria. As time went by, the forum evolved into the Higher Dimensions forum, which also has a wiki of its own.


Ever since the TI website had first been published, its main purpose had been established as a file-hosting website called the TI fileShare, or TIS for short. This has remained the staple of TI ever since. There are ongoing plans to merge the Vocaloid Collection (TIVC) with the fileshare, as it has already been generalized into the Nanako Resource Browser.

Suspected hacking

On July 16, 2009, Keiji discovered to his horror that a number of files on the fileshare have had their tags corrupted, and duplicate files with different hashes have appeared. He suspected that this could only be due to a hacking attempt such as an SQL injection or compromised passwords. In response, the fileshare has been put under lockdown, meaning that files can still be searched for and viewed, but people cannot log in to edit or upload files. In addition, access to Rageboard has been strictly restricted to developers, and database passwords have been changed.

On July 23, 2009, Keiji looked further into the issue, and discovered that it was actually not a hacking attempt. It was, in fact, all due to a bug in the thumbnailer he recently developed for the fileshare - he had forgotten to write two very important lines. He has now fixed this bug and removed the lockdown. However, Rageboard remains under HTTP Authentication, as it should really always have been.

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