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== Warechu ==
== Warechu ==
== Anonydeath ==
== Anonydeath ==
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The Seven Sages are a group of characters that appear in Neptunia 3, Victory, and appear to be the main villains of the game. The group is apparently somehow led by the seemingly pathetic Rei Ryghts, a political activist who states that their goal is a world ruled by laws without CPUs. Now that won't do, as such a world would be terribly boring indeed.



Abnes is the self-proclaimed PR manager of the Seven. She is an arrogant, bitchy little girl that likes to go round calling slightly bigger girls like Neptune little girls and claiming that she is on a mission to save all the little girls in the world. She succeeds at pissing off her uninviting hosts every time she shows up.

She has a habit of arriving at Basilicoms when you least expect her, and every single time her animation involves a door being opened; she is the only character to actually open doors this way. Ironically, even though both the Lowee Basilicom (by its traditional nature) and the Planeptune Basilicom (by the fact that Neptune explicitly points it out) have sliding doors, her patented door-opening animation involves a rotating door.

Although she always has a clear point to make when she shows up, this usually turns out to be wrong, and she's quick to accept the correction and change her mind as if she was right all along, before heading back to report the news to the rest of the Seven.

In the anime, she is always accompanied by two generic-looking TV staff wherever she goes, and is always attempting to present news (about little girls) wherever she goes. In the game however, she does run a TV show for the battle between Blanc and the other three CPUs immediately before Mr. Badd's reveal, but this is the only time she brings TV equipment so far, and there are other characters that also use TV equipment (such as Warechu and Mr. Badd).

  • Quote: Victory
Neptune: Oh, she closed the door this time. I'm amazed she gets a sliding door to make so much noise in the first place.


Main article: Arfoire

Of the Seven, Arfoire is the only one who appeared in Original, where she was the main villain. (She is also one of only two to have ever previously appeared in a game, with Warechu appearing in Sisters.) Interestingly, in Victory, though Arfoire is still evil, she appears to be much more rational minded rather than just being bent on world destruction like she was in Original; this supports the time-travel theory. So far, Arfoire hasn't done anything important other than being an early boss, who quickly gets her ass handed to her.

Need to go back and get a better shot of this. The actual image itself, without motion blurs, only appears on screen for less than a quarter of a second.



Copypaste is a loveable idiot in a giant mech designed for creating illegitimate copies of games. He's all brawn and no brains, is basically a beserker, and loves to shout, especially during his introduction sequence. Which, unlike any of the others so far, he does TWICE OVER and in 3D no less!

After Blanc decides to go to Lastation, the Sages together come up with a devious plan that involves sending this beserker out to destroy one of Lastation's factories while Noire is distracted by the news of Blanc's arrival. Though they write him a script to deliver to the heroes, he forgets all about it and just tells them he likes to go "hog wild". When Warechu forces him to read his darn script off a piece of paper, he reads it out slowly and emphatically; he can't even read the word "Demolish", which Warechu has to read for him; and though his script states that the Seven are in cahoots with Blanc, he knows nothing about this and says he "don't remember ever making nice with no CPU!"

Despite the incredibly obvious blunders, the incredibly gullible Noire somehow believes every word of his script (and none of what he blurts out by accident), causing her to get incredibly angry at Blanc and cause Victory's Lowee Arc.

This most likely isn't a reference to the Infomaniac,
but at Compile Worlds we can pretend it is

Mr. Badd


Rei Ryghts