Puyo-Human Bioweapon (ConceptTopic, 22)

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Puyo-Human Bioweapons are the result of a certain cruel scientific experiment in Puyo Wars. They are synthetic organisms who are humans infused with Puyo and Puyo Energy in order to become Bioweapons. They are insanely powerful, and when awoken, can transform into a huge beast with unfathomable power, at the cost of primordial instinct taking over. They were created on Gaias 6000 years prior to the beginning of Puyo Wars, when the humans of Gaias reached the pinnacle of civilization and technology during a global scale war. Ulitmately, their destructive power angers the Planetary Gods of Gaias to take action. As a consequence of this, Eldora erases the existence of Puyo from the world, aside from these bioweapons.

Known Puyo-Human Bioweapons

The Fifths are five failed prototype specimens. The failure resulted in their bodies having massive mutations beyond recognition. They may have fought in the ancient war. They are destroyed in Puyo Wars.
Angol Mois
The first of two successful specimen to be awakened, Angol Mois was the combination of a Madou World human and the Puyo infusions. He possibly fought in the ancient war, and ultimately held a grudge against humanity for repeating history with Puyo and Protectors. His Puyo infusions were removed by Eldora at the end of the game.
The second of two successful specimen to be awakened, awakened by The Professor accidentally after sleeping dormant in a capsule for 6000 years. He was raised as a human child not fully aware of what he was until he began to interfere with Angol's plans to destroy humanity. His Puyo infusions, as far as we're aware at the time of writing, are still intact.
Unknown specimens
Strange Fifth-like creatures appear in the underworld where Angol is hiding at the end of Puyo Wars, but it is not clear if they are additional failed prototypes or improperly created specimens by Angol. Either way, they all die.

The Neo Angol Project

In Compile Worlds, Ecolo and Fake Arle continue the research Angol and the ancient Gaias scientists began 6000 years ago. Fake Arle advanced the process, using massive amounts of Life Energy from Planetary Hearts to create the infusions instead of Puyo, while Ecolo created synthetic vessels to carry the infusions and become Fake Arle's personal generals in her new world. One of the synthetic vessels, Neo Angol, was created using Daichi's DNA. At the end of the first season, Neo Angol was disintegrated, Fake Arle's research sat in unknown whereabouts, and all other vessels had their infusions removed by the true Angol.