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This page is about the series. For the game in said series that we're basing CHW on, see Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;birth1. For the character, see Neptune. For the continent, see Planeptune. For the universe, see Gamindustri. For tips on slapping Keiji with a trout for making linkfarmy hatnotes almost as long as the actual article, see Clippit.

Neptunia is the universe in which the new Compile ♥ Worlds will take place. Though it has no canonical connections to the Madou Monogatari or Puyo Puyo Fever series, it was made by Compile Heart, and it shows through its similarities. As such, it was decided that the characters of Compile Worlds would crash land on Planeptune... well, and the other three continents 3/3LastationLeanboxLowee, too.

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