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Chapter 1

              Long ago...

              On this planet called Gaias,
              The human race coexisted
              with creatures called <Puyo>.

              One day, a scientist
              found a special power
              hiding inside <Puyo>.
              That unknown power
              could be used for anything.

              Soon, that power
              led to war.
              The humans could not
              withstand that war,

              and it ultimately led
              to a barren world.

              The planetary gods
              would not tolerate this.
              Because of the humans
              All memories of <Puyo>
              were erased by <the heart of the battle>.
              All the <Puyo>
              were expelled from this world.

              Many years later...
              One man [the Professor] found a stone tablet
              deep inside the ruins.
              On that tablet...
              The entire history of <Puyo>
              was written.
              Science successfully reproduced
              the bodies [of Puyo].
              Humans were able
              to see <Puyo> again.

              And then...

   Professor: 「Wh...
              「What is this?!
               It's alive?!

            : This is where the story begins.

   Announcer: 「Now, we're all excited,
               for the final round is about to start!
              「First, always surprising us
               with the latest Protectors...
              「The young master of 
               the Protector Corp. you know so well...

              「Versus the rising star...
              「The best friend to all Puyo
              「The genius Puyo Meister...

              「Both contestants have 3 Puyo
               to fight with.
              「The final round of the Protector Battle Tournament
               is here!

      Daichi: Alright! Gonna do my best!
              Watty! Let's have a good fight!
       Watty: The time has finally come ~bon
              Prepare yourself ~bon!
      Daichi: Eh?
       Watty: Here's a brand new Protector!
              There's no way you can win ~bon!
              So, here I go ~bon!
              How about using this <AP> ~bon!
      Daichi: That Watty... I still have to defeat him.
              I can't let him catch me off guard.
              ...Let's see.
              My Protectors are <Crab> and <Elephant>...
              The <Elephant> uses ranged attacks...
              The <Crab> is for melee... right?
              <Moving> and <attacking> both use AP.
              I have to be careful when approaching the enemy...
              Alright! Let's win this one too!


       Watty: How dare you!
              I won't forgive you!
              I'm gonna use all my <AP> now!
      Daichi: Yeah! That's the spirit!
              Then I'll do the same!
       Watty: I... I hope not ~bon!
              I won't lose here ~bon!
              (I'm so screwed...)


      Daichi: I won!
       Watty: S... so frustrating!
              There must be some mistake ~bon!
              There's no way I could have lost ~bon!
              Damnit! My daddy's gonna be mad!!
      Daichi: W... what...
              What did I do wrong?

   Announcer: 「And the winner is Daichi-kun!
              「Well, everyone, let's have another round of applause!
              「Let us meet again in the next tournament!
              「Goodbye, and take care!

      Daichi: Father, I won! I'm the winner!
   Professor: Not "Father"!
              "Professor"! Call me "Professor"!
              How many times do I have to tell you!
              ...But well done!
              Just what I'd expect from a son of mine.
              Alright, have this reward.
              Equip it on your Protector.
              It's an <accessory> which increases the <attribute> points!
      Daichi: Alright! Thank you!

            : Fire Plus I received.

   Professor: Hm? What's that?
              The <Puyo Radar> went off.
              Moreover, it's pointing to Kitano Forest.
              Daichi, it's a <Puyo Response>!
              Sorry, but could you take a look?
      Daichi: Without <Nora Puyo>? (?)
   Professor: Yeah...
              It hasn't said anything yet... (?)
      Daichi: That's horrible!
              Throwing away Puyo for no reason!
   Professor: Well, don't get so agitated.
              I'm here to protect them, right?
              I'm pretty certain that means <Nora Puyo> too? (???)
      Daichi: Yeah...
              That's right!
              Then, I'll be going!
 Purple Puyo: Puyopuyo~!
      Daichi: Yeah!
              You can come with me!
              Then, we'll be off!
   Professor: Just one more thing.
              You should properly equip that <accessory>.

              [Map Marker: Lab]

Chapter 2

      Daichi: あれれ!? プッチだ…
              Arere!? It's Watty...
       Watty: げげげっ! ダイチ!
              な…なんで こんなトコロに!?
              Gegege--! Daichi!
              What are you doing here!?
      Daichi: それは こっちのセリフだよ
              こんなトコロで なにしてんのさ?
              That's my line!
              What are you doing in a place like this?
       Watty: ななな…なんだって いいだろっ!
              オマエには かんけいないボン!
              Oh, fine!
              This has nothing to do with you ~bon!
      Daichi: …あやしいなぁ
              I wonder...
              かんけい あるんじゃ…
              if you had anything to do with the <Puyo Response> from earlier...
       Watty: ぷっ…ぷよっ!?
              ななな…なんの はなしだボン!?
              Pu... Puyo--!?
              W-w-w-what are you talking about ~bon!?
      Daichi: プッチ!
              まさか ぷよを すてたんじゃ
              You didn't throw out the puyo, did you!?
       Watty: し…しつれーな ヤツだボン!
              How rude ~bon!
              ボクちんは オマエに かつために
              つよいぷよを さがしにきただけ…
              Silly me just came here to search for a strong puyo to beat you with...
      Daichi: …そんなに くやしかったのか
              ...Was it that frustrating? (?)
       Watty: ええい! と・に・か・く!
              ボクちんが まけるワケないんだっ!
              Eei! A-ny-wa-y!
              Silly me isn't going to lose!
              この あたらしいぷよを くわえた
              This new puyo plus luxury members... (?)
              <ギャフン>と いわせてやるボン!
              I'll <introduce> them to you ~bon!

       Watty: ………
              な…なんで にげるボン!?
              Why are they running away ~bon!?
      Daichi: <ノラぷよ>と いきなり
              ともだちになるのは むずかしいのさ
              It's difficult to become friends with <Wild Puyo> so quickly, you know.
       Watty: ともだち? ははっ
              ちゃんちゃら おかしーボン!
              Friends? Haha.
              Strange ~bon!
              ボクちんは めいれい するだけボン
              ぷよは ニンゲンにしたがうんだボン
              Silly me just orders them around ~bon.
              Puyo obey humans ~bon.
      Daichi: …それは ちがうよ
              ...You've got that wrong.
       Watty: うるさーい!
              Shut up!
      Daichi: クチでいっても わかんないんなら
              If I can't make you understand by talking then I'll have to demonstrate!
              ぷよは いっしょに たたかう
              パートナーなんだって コトを!!
              Puyo are partners you fight with together!!


       Watty: Damn! I lost again ~bon!
      Daichi: You're only ordering them around, that's no good.
              You should have some faith in Puyo, and fight alongside them!
              If you can get along with them, they'll be much more powerful!
              Because puyo are living beings!
       Watty: ...Sh...shut up!
      Daichi: ...fuu
              After this, I hope you understand a little...
              The "puyo response" didn't disappear!
              ...Is the response coming from here?
              ...Ah! What's this--!?
[Image of a red puyo in a forest.]
              A puyo, huh?
      Daichi: An amazing number...
              But... the <look of its eyes> is not normal!
        Puyo: Uuuu...
      Daichi: Ah!!
        Puyo: Fuu!!
[Screen shakes]
      Daichi: Uwaa--!
              Wha... what is this?
        Puyo: Uuuu...
      Daichi: (We have lost... I have to do something...)
        Puyo: Fuu!!
[Screen shakes]
      Daichi: Kuh!
              S-stop! I'm not doing anything...
              Don't be scared...
              There are no scary things here.
        Puyo: !?
      Daichi: Look...
              Don't be scared...
              Don't be scared, alright?
        Puyo: Kyuu...
      Daichi: Fuu...
              At last, it calmed down.
        Puyo: ...
              Wh... where am I?
      Daichi: Uwawa--!
              It... it spoke!?
              Th... that's an amazing response!
[Image of a mysterious masked guy.]
  Masked Guy: ...You...
      Daichi: ...Eh!?
  Masked Guy: ...Mhm, I followed someone interesting.
      Daichi: Who-who are you?
  Masked Guy: We meet again, or so it seems.
      Daichi: What'd you say, now? (?)
              The puyo...
              The puyo are burning...!
        Puyo: Um...
      Daichi: Ah, you're the one from before...
        Puyo: My name is...
[Naming screen 「Puyorin」]
  Messagebox: Is the name "Puyorin" OK?
        Puyo: My name is Puyorin.
              Help ~puyo!
              Something terrible will happen soon ~puyo!
      Daichi: Eh?
              Well... for now, let's go to my house.
              (Father might know something about it...)

       Angol: Hmm... humans are troublesome.
              Once again, they've developed Protectors without considering the risks.
              ...Oh well
              This time, they can just perish from using their own weapons.
              First, about that information...
              I need a discreet <appearance>...

        Puyo: And that's that ~puyo.
   Professor: Hmm...
              Even though he came from <a different world>, the masked man is <Angol>... right?
              An unbelievable story all of a sudden.
              But then again, it's unbelievable that there are talking Puyo.
        Puyo: Puyo have been talking long before humans!
              But enough about that <Angol> guy, there are dangerous Puyo we must stop!
      Daichi: Father, I believe in you!
              I can't imagine that Puyorin would lie!
              I don't know {what to say|where to go} but...
              For now I'm not sure what's happened! (???)
   Professor: So anyway, how should I say...
      Daichi: N~a--!?
   Professor: What's that!?
      Daichi: My... My body is... shrinking...!?

[Scene of Daichi and Puyo and I don't know what's going on]
   Professor: ...Unbelievable
              How did such a thing...!
        Puyo: !!
   Professor: Apparently this guy's words seem angry somehow...
              But, this is also the work of that <Angol> guy?
        Puyo: I don't know ~puyo
              But I can't say that it's totally unrelated ~puyo
   Professor: All the keys are in <Angol>'s hands...
      Daichi: ...Father
              May I ask a favor?
   Professor: ...What is it?
      Daichi: I want to make a special Protector as this form is inconvenient.
   Professor: Geez
              What I think of that...
              No, definitely no!
              You plan on going after Angol anyway!?
              I'd never forgive such a dangerous thing!
      Daichi: But I can't just silently sit around waiting!
              I gotta find Angol soon!
              Besides, at this size I'm hard to spot.
   Professor: But...
      Daichi: I promise I won't cause you any worries.
   Professor: Geez, he can't be helped.
              I'll say okay just this once.
      Daichi: Thank you, Father!
   Professor: Hey! Not Father!
      Daichi: "Call me Professor", right?
   Professor: Faffaffaff
              You're such a pain in the neck

            : The next day...
   Professor: いいか? くれぐれも
              Got it? You've gotta take care of yourself, alright?
              まんいちの ときの ために
              たしょうの そうびは しておるが…
              If you ever need some equipment changes...
              すぐに もどってくるんじゃ!
              Or if you run into trouble, come back here immediately!
      Daichi: うん わかってるって!
              Yep, I've got it!
              それにしても ひとばんで
              2つのテクターを つくるなんて…
              Even so, I'm amazed you made two Protectors in one night...
              やっぱり とうさんは スゴイや!
              As I thought, Father is amazing!
   Professor: わはは!
              なんせ テンサイじゃからのぅ!
              At any rate, I'm a genius!
     Puyorin: ボクの ぶんまで
              どうも ありがとうだぷよ
              From me too, thank you ~puyo.
   Professor: なぁに ホントウは オトナである
              ワシが いかねばならんトコなのに…
              Come on, really I only did what any adult would do...
              しょうじき ヤツの うごきの
              けんとうが つかん
              まったく こころぐるしい
      Daichi: だいじょうぶ! ボクらが
              かならず みつけてくるよっ!
              Don't worry about it! We'll definitely see you again! (?)
              それじゃ いってきます!
              Then, I'm off!

              [Map Marker: Lab]

Chapter 3

      Daichi: わわわっ! いきなり いた!
              めつきのわるい あのぷよたちだ!
              Wawawa--! So sudden!
     Puyorin: ヤツらは ボクと おなじように
              アンゴルに あやつられてるぷよ!
              Those Puyo were manipulated by Angol just like me ~puyo!
              フシギなチカラが あるぷよ!
              You have a mysterious power, Daichi!
              てきの なかには ボクを
              しょうきに もどしたときのように
              ぷよが いるかもしれないぷよ!
              There might be Puyo inside the enemies.
               You can approach and <persuade> them like when you brought me back to my senses!
      Daichi: ちかよって<せっとく>だね
              わかった! やってみるよ!
              Approach and <persuade> them huh...
              Alright! I'll give it a shot!
              あ! でも きをつけて!
              Ah! But be careful!
              すべての ぷよが<せっとく>
     Puyorin: できるとは かぎらないぷよ
              You might not be able to <persuade> all the Puyo.
      Daichi: だいじょうぶ!
              Don't worry!
              <ぷよのかお>を みれば
              なんとなく わかるよ!
              I'll know somehow when I see the <Face of a Puyo>!
     Puyorin: じゃあ たのんだぷよ!
              Then I'm counting on you!
      Daichi: まかせてよっ!
              Leave it to me!

      「2:56」 >せっとく
      Daichi: やめろっ!
              キミたちは あやつられているんだ!
              You guys have been manipulated!
  Green Puyo: …ややっ!? ここは どこぷよ?
              Huh--!? Where am I ~puyo?
      Daichi: ふぅ よかった…
              しょうきに もどったみたいだね
              Whew, thank goodness...
              You came back to your senses
              ここは キゲンだ!
              はやく おんぜんな ばしょに!
              It's dangerous here!
              Hurry and go to a safe(?) place!
  Green Puyo: そんなこと きゅうに いわれても
              ここがどこだか わからないぷよ
              You say that so suddenly,
               but I don't even know where I am right now ~puyo
              メイワクじゃ なかったら
              いっしょに つれていってほしいぷよ
              If I'm not causing you any problems
               I'd rather you took me with you ~puyo
              キミのことは しんよう できそうな
              きが するぷよ
              I feel like I can trust someone like you ~puyo
      Daichi: う~ん…
              わかった ついておいで
              Sure, I'll take you with me
              なかまは おおいほうが
              ボクも こころづよいや!
              Getting so many good companions is heartwarming!
  Green Puyo: よろしく たのむんたぷよ
              Please take care of me ~puyo
            : あらたな なかまが くわわりました!
              A new ally has been added!


「8:38」 ひかりのコロン GET!!

ふ~む そんなことが あったんか



ぷよを しょうきに もどすことが

あるいは アンゴルの やぼうを
くいとめることが できるかもしれん

…たしかに ダイチにしか

よし! そうと わかれば
ぜんめんてきに きょうりょくしよう

どうせ とめても きかんのじゃ

オマエらが キケンなメにあわんように
テクターを バリバリつよくしたる!

やったね! さっすが ハカセ!

わはは ちょうしの いいヤツめ


まぁいい オマエに これを やろう

なに? これ?

<ほじょテクター>と いっての…

どのテクターとでも がったいできる

これを つけると テクターの
うごきが よくなるぞ!

レベルが 5いじょうに なって
ほかのテクターと がったいするまで

このがったいで がまんしておけ

ちなみに これは<りく>ようじゃ
りくユニットと あいしょうがええぞ

あとで <がったい>してみるがええ


ランドパーツを てにいれました

よーし ダイチよ!
テクターのことは ワシにまかせろ

オマエは おもうぞんぶん

[Map Marker] けんきゅうじょ

Chapter 6

Red Color Change Spring

   Placename: Red Color Change Spring
      Daichi: Huh?
              I only had this? (???)
      CC1000: Mu~n munmunmun...
      Daichi: Ah, that surprised me!
      CC1000: I am the Color Changer of 1000!
              I can change the color of every Puyo!
              Boy, shall we do a little changing?
              Dip one in the spring and hey presto, it'll suddenly change when it goes in.
      Daichi: What happens when you change the color?
      CC1000: See, you could break bricks. (???)
              Puyo have attributes.
              Blue is water, red is fire, yellow is thunder, green is wind, and finally, purple is light.
              Puyo with the same attributes will stick to the enemy's protectors.
      Daichi: Stick to them...?
      CC1000: Oh♥ you'll enjoy trying it out.
              Let us now put it into something useful with just the same color Puyo.
              But! It'll be a privilege not only to combine protectors
      Daichi: Fu~n
      CC1000: So, what do you think?
              Shall we do a little changing?
              Incidentally, this place is red, for fire!
      Daichi: What should we do?
              Puyorin, want to try it?
     Puyorin: Uu... it hurts...!
      Daichi: Huh? What's wrong?
     Puyorin: ...Suddenly, my stomach...
      Daichi: ...
     Puyorin: That...
              That is me.
              I am a puyo allergic to water.
     Puyorin: Riding protectors is okay... (???)
      Daichi: ...
      CC1000: Ah, Kohon! (???)
              Apparently, that puyo cannot change colors.
              Try it with other puyo.
              However, children do not change color. (???)
              Each one will need one Color Ticket.
              As long as Color Tickets exist in this world, you'll be able to change the color anywhere in the five springs.
      Daichi: Ah, I get it.
      CC1000: Come back some time, I'll be waiting.

Marin's introduction

   Placename: Million units of interest (???)
         Sho: So, you came.
       Marin: Here I go!
      Daichi: What? There's protectors!
         Sho: Let's try it out.
      Daichi: Humans are riding them?
              Wh-- what are you guys doing, riding on protectors?
         Sho: We don't have to answer that question.
       Marin: We'll teach you how to win.
[Battle cutscene explosion stuff]
      Daichi: E... everyone!
         Sho: The nuisances are gone.
              Now, let me see your power!
      Daichi: You!
[Get Item: Thunder Colon]
         Sho: Not bad.
       Marin: Well, it was better than expected.
         Sho: But this is still going on.
      Daichi: Wha... what did you say--!
         Sho: At the moment you will never equal Angol
              Who said the real guy had not had an existence in Eldora's history? (???)
       Marin: I'm sure it would.
      Daichi: You know about Angol!?
         Sho: He is strong.
              (Couldn't translate: もう これいじゃう ヤツに かかわらんことだな)
              Let's go, Marin.
      Daichi: W, wait--!
              You guys... are you my enemies?
       Marin: ...
              That's not it... it's not yet...
              Ah, your friend has been completely healed.
              See you later.
      Daichi: That pair just now... who on earth were they?

Chapter 12


Unknown terms and possible mistakes highlighted in bold

    Puyorin:  ハカセっ!
  Professor:  なんじゃい そうぞうしい!
              Why so noisy!
              おや? おきゃくさんが おったんか ダイチの ともだちかの?
              Oh? We have a visitor, are you Daichi's friend?
              まあ きたないドコロじゃが あがって…
              ぎょぎょっ! どうしたんじゃ ダイチっ?!
              Gyogyo--! What's up with Daichi?!
    Puyorin:  ハカセが いちばん そうぞうしいぷよ
              Professor is the most noisy ~puyo
  Professor:  そうか… ダイチが そんな すがたに…
              Really... Daichi was in such a form... (?)
    Puyorin:  ハカセ… おどろかないぷよ?
              Professor... You're not surprised?
  Professor:  い…いや そんなことは ないぞ おどろいておるさ…
              N... no, such a thing is not surprising... (?)
        Sho:  ………
              ...I knew it
              ダイチが <ぷよ>と<ニンゲン>の<ごうせいせいぶつ>だということを…
              That Daichi is a <synthetic organism> made of <Puyo> and <Human>...
    Puyorin:  えええっ!?
  Professor:  …ふう
              しょうじきに いおう
              Let's be honest
              ダイチは ワシの ほんとうの ムスコでは ないんじゃ
              Daichi is not my real son.
              About 10 years ago...
              このしまの いせきで <ぷよはんのう>が あった
              I discovered <Puyo Responses> in the ruins of this island...
              ノラぷよの<ほご>をしていたワシは いせきのくへ はいっていき
              In order to <protect> the Wild Puyo, I entered the ruins.
              そこで ひとつのカプセルを みつけた
              There, I found a single capsule.
              カプセルの なかには ちいさな オト コのコが あった
              Inside the capsule there was a little boy.
              おどろいたことに<ぷよはんのう>は そのコから でておった
              Surprisingly, the <Puyo Response> was coming from the child!
              <ぷよ>と<人間>の そしきを あれせつこども
              A child who contained tissues of both Human and Puyo...
              なんの じっけんを しておったのかは わからんがったが
              I didn't know what kind of experiment happened here...
              このまま このコを ほうっておいては おけん
              I couldn't leave this kid as he was...
              そうおもったワシは あわてて つれかえったのじゃ
              That's what I thought, so I took him back with me quickly.
      Marin:  そのオトコのコが ダイチ…
              So that kid is/was Daichi...
  Professor:  ウム…
              できることなら フツウの じんせいを あゆませてやりたい
              And if I can, I want to let him lead a normal life
              …ワシは そうおもって きょうまで ダイチと くらしてきたんじゃ
    Puyorin:  ハカセ…
      Marin:  ………
        Sho:  ………
  Professor:  …キミたちは どうやら あのコの ヒミツを じっておるようじゃな
              ...What do you two think of that kid's secrets (?)
              よかったら おしえてくれんか?
              Would you tell him? (??? really not sure here)
      Marin:  で…でも…っ
  Professor:  たのむ
        Sho:  ………
              かつて ぷよのなかに そんぢいする <ぷよエナジー>をめぐって
              Because of the <Puyo Energy> once existing inside Puyo (?)
              せかいじゅうで おろかな せんそうが おこりました
              A stupid war broke out all over the world
              エスカレートしていった ぎじゅつの いきついたさきに うみだされたのが
              Escalated technology produced earlier ended up with \ (?)
              the <synthetic organisms> made of <puyo> and <humans>.
  「End pixel art」
              このケンキュウが せいこうするまでに プロトタイプが5たいつくられました
              From this research, five prototypes were created before success.
              ...These are the <Fifths>.
    Puyorin:  ええっ!?
        Sho:  やがて ケンキュウは せいこうを おらめ
              Before long the research was a success. (?)
              2たいの<かんぜんたい>を うみだしたのです
              Two complete beings were then created.
  Professor:  それが<アンゴル>と<ダイチ>というわけか…
              So those were Angol and Daichi...
        Sho:  そのとおりです
              …カレは やく6000ねんまえに つくられた<へいき>です
              ...He is a <weapon> built 6000 years ago.
  Professor:  むう…
        ???:  …ウソ…だ
              ...It's... a lie
  Professor:  ぬ!?
      Marin:  あ!
     Daichi:  ウソだウソだウソだっ!
              Lies, lies, lies--!
              I'm a <synthetic organisms> made of <puyo> and <human>?
              <アンゴル>と おなじだって?
                The same as <Angol>?
              That is...!
  Professor:  ダイチ おちつくんじゃ!
              Calm down, Daichi!
     Daichi:  それにっ!
              That is--!
              とうさんの コドモじゃないって!?
              I'm not your kid!?
              Don't joke around!
              ボクは あんな <バクモン>なんかじゃない!
              I'm not that kind of <monster>!
              <ぷよ>なんかとの <ごうせいせいぶつ>じゃない!
              I'm not a <Puyo>-and-something <synthetic organism>!
    Puyorin:  っ!!
      Marin:  …くっ
  Professor:  ダイチっ!
     Daichi:  …ウソだよね? とうさん
              ...It's a lie right? Father
              ボク…とうさんの コドモだよね?
              I... I'm your kid, right?
  Professor:  ダイチ…
     Daichi:  ねぇ! 「そうだ」といってよ!
              Come on! Say that's how it is!
              Come on--!
  Professor:  ………
     Daichi:  …はは そうなんだ
              やっぱり ボクは…!
              …だから いままでだって 「ハカセとよべ」って いってたの?
              ボクに「とうさん」と よばせないように してたの!?
  Professor:  らかう! それはゴカイじゃ!
     Daichi:  ボクは… だれなの…?
        ???:  ……キュ…
     Daichi:  …!!
  Pink Puyo:  キュ…キュウ……
     Daichi:  この ぷよは…?
      Marin:  そ…それは…
        Sho:  オマイの カラダから ブンリした もうひとりの<オマイ>だよ
     Daichi:  もうひとりの… ボク…
  Professor:  まてっ! ダイチっ! どこへ いくんじゃっ!?
      Marin:  …やっぱり まだ はやすぎだのかな?
  Professor:  いや いずれは わかることじゃ キミたさが きにすることは ない
      Marin:  でも…!
        Sho:  じょせんアイシも くちさきだけの ヤシだったってわけか…
              ココロのなかじゃ<ぷよ>を みくだしていたみたいだ
      Marin:  やめてよっ!
              そんなコト ききたくない!
              いまは そんなコト… いってるばあいじゃ ないでしょ
        Sho:  ふん…

Chapter 13


      Daichi: Shit! Shit! Goddamnit!!
              I... those guys... Angol and his minions...
              We're the same... we're monsters...
              Monsters... what nonsense.
Purple Fifth: Hmph...
              Say what you want.
      Daichi: You're a Fifth!
Purple Fifth: From this current imitation, I guess...
              Finally, you understand about yourself.
              Do you want to join our side?
      Daichi: N... No way!
Purple Fifth: But why not?
              Because you're being possessed by humanity?
              You humans think you can possess our lives? (???)
      Daichi: But! Not all humans are like that!
              ...My father...
              My father raised me!
Purple Fifth: It is also not a human ally of the devil (???)
              You were raised by a human, after all.
              You wouldn't know such a thing.
              In that case, we should end it here.
      Daichi: Huh?
Purple Fifth: About Red Mois...
              You/I forgot, but you/I waited
              You will die here!
              Bring it on!
      Daichi: Ugh!
 Purple Puyo: Piiiii--!
Purple Fifth: Wh-- what!?
      Daichi: No way...!
              (Couldn't translate: ボクを… かばって…?)
     Puyorin: Daichi~--!
      Daichi: Puyorin!? Why...!
     Puyorin: Daichi is my important friend!
              One should help out when a friend is in trouble!
              This Puyo feels the same way.
              It's not just us!
      Daichi: You guys...!
       Marin: Let's go home together!
              Your father is waiting too.
         Sho: He took care of it burning (???)
Purple Fifth: Your allies are here, huh?
              This is somewhat bothersome.
              I will withdraw for today.
      Daichi: Wait--!
       Marin: Daichi! Go back to the border as soon as possible!
      Daichi: O... of course! This puyo needs treatment!
       Marin: Come on, let's finish up and return.

[Find Color Ticket]
[Get Item: Wind Colon]

Chapter 26


      Daichi: So this is... the underworld...
      Eldora: Indeed it is... only once the <new world> (?)
              The <new world> we worked on for a long time
              It's time for the final fight!
              The fate of this world that you guys committed to!
              Let's fight with everything we have!
      Daichi: Alright!
(no picture): You've done well so far.
      Daichi: Angol!
       Angol: And by "doing well so far", I mean you've managed to defeat all the Fifths.
      Daichi: Angol!
              Stop it already!
              After all the things you've done
              I don't know why you haven't been banished from this world already!
       Angol: Hmm... about the world's <molting>...
              That was allegedly halted by Eldora.
              As we know through Red Mois's soul.
       Marin: Red Mois?
              You mean Fray...!
       Angol: That's irrelevant!
      Daichi  (Says nothing, just appears on screen at this point)
       Angol: You're too late! Why don't you just join me?
              When we made our <Synthetic Biology>, it changed reality!
              You'll understand too!
      Daichi: Certainly, I can't forgive creating weapons in our image.
              But I love this world, and everyone in it!
              Humans aren't stupid!
              Anything made to destroy the world we live in is wrong, as I'm sure you'll notice!
       Angol: You're naive! Too naive!
              Humans are foolish creatures!
              How could I like creatures whose salvation is hatred and strife?
              How could this planet be worth much to those that live here?!
      Daichi: Wrong! That's wrong!
       Angol: Red...
              Blue, Green, Purple, Yellow...
              ...all of them...
              You've destroyed them yourself!
              <Give back> the power to me!
              The power to destroy this planet!

[Angol transforms into beast]

      Eldora: What is this...!
              The <Shinen> Fifth has been infused into his body!

[Picture of IDK. Beast Angol maybe?]

         Sho: Ku-- This is the true ultimate weapon, huh...!?
              This is completely different from Daichi!
       Marin: What power!
      Eldora: At this rate... he could do a lot of damage.
      Daichi: Eh!? Why?
      Eldora: He put up a special barrier around him.
      Daichi: So, I have to get rid of the barrier...
      Eldora: Exactly.
              Look for an opening in the power generation point...
              There should be something to raise the barrier inside the Protector
      Daichi: Alright! First, we'll erase the barrier!
         Sho: Then we defeat the Wai (?) enemy!
       Marin: Got it!


 Beast Angol: Gugya~aaaaa-----!!

210 EXP

[Same picture of probably Beast Angol.]

      Eldora: Omega... Weather...
              It's finally over...

[Picture of blue/white planet/something.]
You traitor!

       Isaac: About our <new world>...
              To act against the word of Kanon-sama is unforgivable!
      Eldora: ...What I think doesn't matter under any circumstances (???)
              A perishing life has no reason to exist
              Am I wrong?
       Isaac: You're naive! Too naive, Eldora!
              Humans are creatures of pride!
              I don't know why someone here thinks that is necessary! (?)
      Eldora: It is inappropriate for us to make decisions about living creatures. (?)
              We should leave the final decision to the humans!
       Isaac: That's enough of this pointless conversation!
              The <energy field> has already been deployed!
              The <molting> here has begun.
              Other than Eldora's,
              synchronise all the mana in the <new world>!
   Ishutaris: Understood, Isaac.
      Eldora: Ku--...
   Ishutaris: ...na--!?
       Isaac: What's wrong? Do it already!
   Ishutaris: Omega's mana won't synchronize...
              Not even Haddou will! (???)
       Isaac: Omega... So he really is here!
              But you can't do that!
              Even if you're inclined towards Eldora!
      Eldora: No, Omega!
              I'm fine on my own!
              You should be doing <Shouka>!
       Omega: . . . . .
      Eldora: ...You're giving away your power?
              You can't! You're from this world after all!
       Isaac: Eei! Every single time...
              There's not enough mana yet.
              When it comes to this, how about his power?
              Delay the <molting>!
              Signs have started to appear!
     Weather: . . . . .
       Isaac: What are you doing, Weather? Hurry up!
   Ishutaris: ...! Weather's mana disappeared!
      Eldora: !!
       Isaac: Are you insane?!
              Do you even know what you did?!
     Weather: Sorry.
              It seems I've been vulgar after all.
       Isaac: ...You know?
              Disobeying Kanon-sama...!
     Weather: Definitely, I...
              Omega and I will be erased.
      Eldora: Weather!
       Isaac: ...Fools!
   Ishutaris: Throwing away the chance of <Shouka>...!
     Weather: You should believe in yourself. (?)
              Isaac... Ishutaris...
              Fortunately, your <Leader>...
       Isaac: ...don't say that.
   Ishutaris: You're being stupid...!
     Weather: You think so?
       Isaac: Let's go, Ishutaris.
              This planet is no longer our responsibility.
              There's no more we can do.
   Ishutaris: ...I understand.
       Isaac: ...Eldora.
      Eldora: . . . . .
       Isaac: Are you going to call me a coward and laugh?
      Eldora: I admire Omega.
              This is the truth.
       Isaac: ...Ku--
              Really, right until the end, you do your own thing...
              I'm fed up with you.
              I wanted to see <Leader>...
              That's all.
      Eldora: ...I know.
   Ishutaris: ...A bitch until the end.
      Eldora: Sorry.
              ...That was a joke.
       Isaac: Then let's go.
              I hope we never meet again.
      Eldora: Yeah, bye.
       Isaac: Mhm...
     Weather: ...Well then.
              It's about time we begin.
      Eldora: Weather... What should I do...!
              What kind of farce is this?!
     Weather: Listen closely.
              Omega gave it to me.
              Why don't you have it?
      Eldora: But...
     Weather: Take it.
              I don't need power.
      Eldora: ...Weather.
     Weather: Fu-- That's it.
              And now I'm a traitor. (?)
      Eldora: ...Sorry.
     Weather: It's fine.
              There's no regrets.
              I did this out of my own free will.
              I was a crappy Major General.
              And I'm sure Omega agrees.
      Eldora: Thank you.
              I won't forget you two.
     Weather: ...Eventually, you'll find the most important person to you.
              And that's not me.
              Only he will stay with you until the end.
      Eldora: Weather...
     Weather: I'm no good...
              I was hesitant all the time.
      Eldora: ...I have to thank you.
              If it weren't for you two, I'd probably have lost it.
     Weather: ...what are you saying.
              You protected this world.
              . . . . .
              ...then, let's go.
              Omega is waiting.
      Eldora: Let's promise.
     Weather: Hm?
      Eldora: Let's promise!
              Thousands... no, however many things happen,
              Weather's <time> power and 
              Omega's <space> power...
              and my own <life> power,
              by combining all the powers,
              someday, I'm sure this world
              will become a paradise!
              You two... Weather and Omega,
              protect this world with your lives!
     Weather: ...yeah, I'm sure you'll be able to.
              ...or, all of us, right?
              Your future is here...!

[Picture of the blue/white planet thing exploding/shining.]
       Kanon: The responsibility for <life>, Eldora,
              you'll watch over the planet from now on.
              I cannot replenish the power taken by <molting>.
              ...Is that understood?
      Eldora: ...Understood.
       Kanon: Alright. Then I'll withdraw.
      Eldora: Kanon-sama--!
              About Weather and Omega...
       Kanon: Yes. Their punishment is already over.
      Eldora: I knew it... About <Void>'s existence...
              What happened about the <erasure>?
       Kanon: It's inevitable.
              This time... to our <Leader>
              It was a big <disgrace>.
              The future is always unexpected.
              Expelling you would be unavoidable.
              ...as you know.
      Eldora: Ku...--!

[Screen slow flash]

       Angol: ...What is this?
              Was that a <dream>?
      Eldora: You're awake?
       Angol: E-- thi...this body is...!?
      Eldora: All the Puyo infusions were removed from your body.
              You are now purely human.
              The removed <Puyo> were put back to their <original world>.
       Angol: So, I'm...
              You won, huh.
      Eldora: ...my apologies.
              I summoned you in the first place.
       Angol: ...So you're Eldora.
      Eldora: That's right.
              Our <new world>
              would have been a little better
              if you'd led it properly.
       Angol: ...That's enough.
              I was tough work for you as well,
              While I was enveloped in the light,
              I was able to see your soul.
              What Red Mois said
              was true...
      Eldora: ...From now on, in this world
              humans can live peacefully.
      Daichi: Exactly! Come to my home!
              I'm sure Father will also welcome you!
       Angol: ...Thank you.
              . . . . .
              ...Eldora. I have a favor to ask you.
      Eldora: Oh?
       Angol: About me, the Fifths and the Puyo,
              [I'm guessing he means Marin and Sho]
              could you reincarnate us in the original world?
      Daichi: Why? Do you still hate this world?
       Angol: You know that's not the case, Daichi.
              That world was a place of peace for me.
              This world is for YOU, not for me.
      Daichi: ...Right.
       Angol: So, would you do that?
      Eldora: Very well.
       Angol: Bye then, Daichi.
              I won't cause any more wars.
              I'll become a fine adult.
      Daichi: Promise me!
              Promise me absolutely!
       Angol: ...Goodbye.
         Sho: ...Then, we'll be going.
       Marin: Yeah...
      Daichi: Eh--!?
              You two are leaving!?
              [Duh, did you not just hear Angol say that? Daichi no baka.]

More to come...