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This page is about the Ekoro clone. For the version label, see release cycle.

Alpha, mistaken to be the real Sho, is a character in Compile Worlds. He is Ekoro's clone of the former, with a personality that contradicts the original completely. He was created some time before the Ekoro Arc began, debuting formally in Episode 22. He was initially thought to be a destroyed test clone, though this is obviously not the case.

Character Concept

As Keiji was translating Puyo Wars, he noticed Sho had been played grossly out of character by Chao. As a result, this Sho was retconned into a clone, "Alpha", and the real Sho was introduced later in order to maintain consistency. His design is completely identical to Sho's Wars design, except he is wearing a bow-tie instead of a leather choker.


Though the exact time he was put into development was unknown, it's certain he was created before the Ekoro Arc kicked into full gear in Episode 10. Ekoro ventured to the Puyo Wars World and took Sho's DNA (and possibly a sample of his memories too) to use. After suceeding, Alpha was made into Ekoro's assistant developer and immediately sent to work on the designs for the remaining clones. His original blueprints for the clone Zeta, however, were sabotaged by an unknown entity, so Zeta died before birth. Later, he was enlisted to create both the ultimate clone Omega and Project Perfect Light Phi. Phi ended up being a spectacular failure due to his rebellious nature. Fake Arle, discontent with having her commissioned clone dead before birth, accused Alpha of derailing his own blueprint and designing Omega with a serious design error. These accusations lead Ekoro to forbid Alpha from designing the the second ultimate clone, and he was to be punished harshly even still. However, not wanting to destroy Alpha who was so loyal and useful, Ekoro re-purposed him by programming an internal timer into him and hiding him in the nearby mountains for safe keeping, hoping he would go off later at a convenient time.

Alpha's personality is the polar opposite of Sho's. He exhibits great emotional (over)reaction to situations, such as dancing around like a moron in joy when he was released from his cage, or trembling in fear at the sight of Eltia walking and talking. He also demonstrates reasoning and intellect; he is capable of rebuilding Ekoro's clones and has a vast knowledge about robotics in general thanks to his background in it. Alpha was shown to have a tendency to babble continuously for several lines without rest, a trait thought by Draco to be obtained by being Ekoro's little bitch. However, Alpha dismissed that, claiming he was already like that prior to his "kidnapping". It turns out that Alpha, prior what was assumed to be a heart attack, believed he was the real Sho because Ekoro implanted Sho's memories into his conscious, temporarily overriding those he made in his short time as Ekoro's assistant. These memories later returned to him as his punishment time expired. Recently, he was demonstrated to have a sense of humor, as he tells numerous cheesey puns to the cast to provoke laughter.


Alpha is named after the very first letter of the Greek Alphabet. Being the first letter, it also has a value of one in Greek numerals. This is very fitting, given Alpha is the first clone, and is technically the ancestor of all the others, barring Zeta.



  • Alpha's original text color was the same as the real Sho's, Arle Blue, but it is now Seriri Blue.
    • This makes him one of three characters who use Seriri Color, the others being Gypsum and Seriri herself.
  • Alpha fooled even Daichi into thinking he was the real Sho.
    • From his debut until the end of the Amalgamation, only Harpy and Ekoro were even aware he was a clone at all.